Chernoff on the da Vinci Robitic System: Is Robotic Urologic Surgery right for you?

If you have been exploring options in treating urologic cancer, then you have probably come upon numerous discussions of recent innovations in robotic surgeries; specifically those involving the da Vinci surgical system.

I am a large proponent of such surgeries, and, in addition to using the da Vinci system extensively, I have also trained others on its use. I view the da Vinci system as a tremendous step forward in the quest to provide effective, least-invasive surgical options.

The da Vinci Web site notes:

“Recent studies indicate that [da Vinci system] technological advantages are helping surgeons provide prostate cancer patients with a better surgery than traditional open or conventional laparoscopic approaches can provide.

For most patients, dVP offers substantially less pain and a much shorter recovery than traditional prostatectomy. Other advantages include reduced need for blood transfusions; less scarring and less risk of infection. Moreover, studies suggest that dVP may offer improved cancer control and a lower incidence of impotence and urinary incontinence.”

So why isn’t this technique for everyone? Because, simply stated, no single technique is the answer to the complex issues involved with urologic cancer.

When I meet with a patient, our work to determine the best course of action requires striking a balance between critical elements of effective treatment, and that patient’s quality-of-life. Clearly, less-invasive robotic or conventional laparoscopic methods are preferable in many ways to traditional (open) surgery; but only if those methods bring about the desired reduction or cessation of your disease. We can only make this determination by weighing every important factor in your historical and current makeup.

Having said this, let me tell you a bit about my robotic surgery experience:

If you are ready to discuss and explore treatment options to find the best possible course of action, then I look forward to our meeting.

Dr. Allen M. Chernoff, FACS

My Take

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