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Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer develops most often in people over 40, but no one knows the exact causes of this disease. Research has shown that people with certain risk factors are more likely than others to develop kidney cancer.

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Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the United States. Although progress has meant that survival rates are improving, instances of the disease have actually increased over past decades.

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Prostate Cancer

This year in the United States, almost 180,000 men will be told that they have prostate cancer. After such a diagnosis, a man and his family face several choices regarding treatment; making decisions involving many personal as well as medical factors.

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da Vinci®

The da Vinci® System provides breakthrough capabilities that allow surgeons to perform complex procedures with greater precision through tiny incisions.

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My Goal

My goal is for you, as my patient, to have as fully developed a picture of your situation as possible. This includes knowledge of your disease, how it will affect your body and your lifestyle, and what treatment options will be best. I want you to understand what treatment was chose and why because I believe that in the best case scenario you and I are part of a team. It is as a team, each with different roles to play, that outcomes are maximized.

It’s clear that you have a wealth of online research and resources available at your fingertips; but between information that is outdated, slanted, or inappropriate for your particular situation, this is one case where more information isn’t necessarily a good thing. As your urologic oncologist, it is my role to be informed about the “latest and greatest” and to help lead you through the process of obtaining the right information to make the proper decisions. You are not alone.

Is the da Vinci Robotic Procedure right for you?

da Vinci S Surgical System

You may have contacted me because of my expertise in performing da Vinci Robot Assisted procedures. Although you may be a good candidate for a da Vinci procedure, there is a chance that you may not. In treating my patients, I seek out the best approaches, beginning with the minimally-invasive options. This may include “Watchful Waiting” when warranted or laparoscopic and robotic surgical approaches when feasible and appropriate. We may find that your best option is one with a larger incision; and if that treatment will maximize cure and outcome, then that is what I’ll recommend.

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Definition: (yoor-uh-LAHJ-ik on-KOL-o-jist) A doctor who specializes in treating cancers of the sexual and urinary system.